July 5, 2015

MOGR Inniliw 2015: Truly an Event to Remember

by Vic A

We arrived in Las Vegas a day before the event.  This was the day when most of the attendees are arriving in the Sin City.  The atmosphere was electric.  This is my first time in the city and I am finally meeting town mates and relatives who I have not seen in such a long time.  It was the culmination of a 2-year planning and preparation.

The interesting thing is, I haven't even met most of the members of the organising committee. The only common denominator we had was our desire to create this 'never-attempted-before' event. We planned and organised this event mainly electronically - that is, via emails, social media and the occasional voice calls.  But I must say, the perseverance and commitment of this organising committee and the longing of our kailians around the world to come together and enjoy this rare occasion were the real reasons why the MOGR 2015 came to fruition.

The 2-nights event was fun, exciting and relaxed.  It was a night to meet, reconnect and enjoy the fellowship of our relatives, friends and town mates.  The event was graced by special guests, supporters and Magsingalenos (and their families) from different parts of the globe.  For those of you who attended, I am sure you will agree that we had the best time and we really look forward to the MOGR 2018 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  We hope to see more Magsingalenos in this next event.

Sharing some photo highlights from the pre-event preparation, 1st night innabrasa, 2nd night inniliw and the picnic day at Chato and Cynthia Iglesia's home.

Pre-Event Planning by the Organising Committee

First Night (Innabrasa)


Second Night (Inniliw)

Picnic Day

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