May 6, 2017

'Wanted' - Lara Andallo's latest music video

by MVP

Lara Andallo released her first EP, Parallel Trigger, and Wanted is a track off this EP.

Lara's EP premiered in April at Off The Clef.  A few weeks after that, Complex Au featured Lara's track 'Wanted'.

Check out the music video below.

November 27, 2016

Silent majority for Trump – and won

By Emmanuel Samonte Tipon 

“Oh God, please make Donald Trump win if you love America.” That was my prayer at the new Iglesia Ni Cristo Diamond Head congregation. This was the first time I ever prayed hard for a candidate to win. I had told Mr. Trump when I met him in Cleveland during the Republican Convention.  “Mr. President, I will pray for you.” “Thank you, thank you very much,” he whispered. Millions prayed for Trump to win.

Emmanuel S. Tipon with grandson Robbie at Kailua Beach in Hawaii

You all know God’s answer.  God spoke through the silent majority. Vox populi. Vox Dei.

Congratulations Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence.

The silent majority hearkened to Trump’s clarion call “I am your voice. I will speak for you.”

November 12, 2016

Lara Andallo's debut single: Get A Clue

by MVP

Lara's debut single entitled, Get A Clue is now available on in the link below.  This is Lara's original song, produced by El Perro Productions.  Lara plans to release the first EP of her original songs next year.

Lara is an upcoming singer/song writer based in Sydney, the daughter of Vic and Nie Andallo (from San Ramon).  Show some love and let's support our very own by supporting Lara's music.

How to obtain stay of removal after final order of removal

By Atty. Emmanuel Samonte Tipon 

Is there relief available after an appellate court has denied an alien’s application for immigration relief and issued its final mandate for deportation or removal or the immigration court has ordered deportation or removal and no appeal was taken so that the order has become final?

Yes. An Application for a Stay of Deportation or Removal may be filed with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by an alien who has been ordered deported or removed from the United States while the alien is still in the United States in accordance with 8 C.F.R. 241.6, Administrative Stay of Removal.

ICE Form I-246 should be filled up with the reasons for requesting a stay of deportation or removal. The factors for granting parole to aliens in 8 CFR 212.5 and stay of removal under INA Section 241(c) may be given as reasons, such as “urgent humanitarian reasons” or “significant public health benefit” or that the “immediate removal of the alien is not practicable or proper” or that the alien is needed to testify in the prosecution of a person for violation of law.

October 29, 2016

Hawaii 2018 - MOGR FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

by Tereso Ugalino
(On behalf of Steering Committee)

1. Ania kadi daytoy Hawaii 2018 - MOGR?

Ti Hawaii 2018 - MOGR ket plano nga pinagkikita ken pinagi-inniliw didiay Honolulu, Hawaii ti amin nga Magsingalenos nga agnaed ti naduma-duma nga suli ti lubong.

Daytoy ti maikadua nga MOGR - ti immuna nga MOGR ket idi 2015 didiay Las Vegas.  Gapu ta inorganisa tayo ti MOGR nga independente kadagit agdama nga asosasyon ti taga-Magsingal ditoy America, Canada ken dadduma nga paset ti lubong, ti MOGR ket saan nga associated kadagitoy nga asosasyon, eg, Canadian Magsingal Association (CMA), Magsingal Organization of America (MOA), Magsingal Association of America (MAA), Magsingal Association of Northern California (MANC), Magsingal Association of Maui (MAM), ken ti Magsingal Association of Hawaii (MAH).

Ket gapu ken daytoy, awan pay ti pormal nga organisasyon nga nai-rehistro para ti MOGR.  Isu nga dagiti agdama nga mangidadauluan ti daytoy nga gandat tayo ket volunteers laeng apo.  No matultuloy ti plano ket adda met ayat dagitoy miembro ti Steering Committee nga ma-organisa ti MOGR kas maysa nga legal entity.

2. Kaano daytoy nga event ken sadino ti paka-aramidan na?

Into no June 22-24, 2018 diay Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (Pacific Beach Hotel Waikiki).  Visit here for more info.

3. Sino ti agdama nga mangidadauluan ti MOGR?

Ti agdama nga Steering Committee ti MOGR ket idadauluan dagitay naayat nga kailian tayo ti naduma-duma nga paset ti lubong.  Dagitoy ti nanumo nga kakailian yo nga mangiturturong ken daytoy nga pasken tayo:

May 27, 2016

How aliens can get advance parole to travel to the United States

By Atty. Emmanuel Samonte Tipon  

What is “parole”? “Parole” allows an alien to physically enter the U.S. for a specific purpose – usually for humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. See Immigration and Nationality Act Section 212(d)(5).

Family members of Filipino World War II veterans who are beneficiaries of approved family-based immigrant visa petitions will be given an “opportunity to receive a discretionary grant of parole on a case-by-case basis, so that they may come to the United States while waiting for their immigrant visa to become available” beginning June 8, 2016 according an announcement by USCIS on May 9, 2016.s

The Department of Homeland Security issues an Advance Parole document to an alien authorizing the alien to appear at a port of entry to seek parole into the United States. This document may be accepted by a transportation company in lieu of a visa as an authorization for the holder to travel to the United States. The alien must have a passport. The Advance Parole document does not, by itself, entitle the alien to enter the United States. When the alien arrives at the port of entry, the alien will be inspected by the Customs and Border Protection. The alien must present the Advance Parole document to the CBP agent who will review the case to determine whether the alien is admissible under the Immigration and Nationality Act. If the CBP agent denies parole, the alien may be detained and subjected to expedited removal or placed in removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge as authorized by law and regulations. If the CBP agent grants parole, the agent will issue a separate document authorizing the alien to be paroled into the United States, and specify the terms and conditions as the agent may deem appropriate. An alien who has been “paroled” has not been “admitted” to the United States in immigration parlance but remains an “applicant for admission”.

May 18, 2016

Lara Andallo: An up-and-coming performer

by MVP

Lara Andallo is a 16yo, up-and-coming performing artist based in Sydney.  She is currently enrolled in a 'triple threat' program (focused on the 3 art forms - dancing, singing and acting) at Brent Street Studios, the top performing arts studio in Australia.  This she does, while also doing her high school certificate.

Lara is genuinely interested in pursuing and excelling in all 3 art forms and the following are some of the works she has done.

Music - R&B Duet

July 5, 2015

MOGR Inniliw 2015: Truly an Event to Remember

by Vic A

We arrived in Las Vegas a day before the event.  This was the day when most of the attendees are arriving in the Sin City.  The atmosphere was electric.  This is my first time in the city and I am finally meeting town mates and relatives who I have not seen in such a long time.  It was the culmination of a 2-year planning and preparation.

The interesting thing is, I haven't even met most of the members of the organising committee. The only common denominator we had was our desire to create this 'never-attempted-before' event. We planned and organised this event mainly electronically - that is, via emails, social media and the occasional voice calls.  But I must say, the perseverance and commitment of this organising committee and the longing of our kailians around the world to come together and enjoy this rare occasion were the real reasons why the MOGR 2015 came to fruition.

April 11, 2015

Las Vegas, here we come!

by Vic A

In a few days, up to 250 Magsingalenos from all over the world will gather around in Las Vegas for our Inniliw at the 2015 Magsingal Overseas Global reunion (MOGR).  Intayo agi-inniliw kakailian, kakabagyan ken gagayyem!