May 18, 2016

Lara Andallo: An up-and-coming performer

by MVP

Lara Andallo is a 16yo, up-and-coming performing artist based in Sydney.  She is currently enrolled in a 'triple threat' program (focused on the 3 art forms - dancing, singing and acting) at Brent Street Studios, the top performing arts studio in Australia.  This she does, while also doing her high school certificate.

Lara is genuinely interested in pursuing and excelling in all 3 art forms and the following are some of the works she has done.

Music - R&B Duet

Music - HipHop/R&B Collab

Music - R&B

Music - Singing

Promotional Video - Roam-e

TV Commercial - Australian Federal Government

TV Commercial - Nelune Foundation

TV Commercial - Xbox Kinect

Dance troupe - Jazz (Lara is the female wolf)

Dance music video - Hip Hop

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